Iowa B.A.S.S Nation

Grassroots tournament is alive and well in Iowa, with so many great fisheries that hold largemouth and smallmouth bass from Upper Mississippi River, to West Okoboji and down to Lake Rathbun.  Iowa Bass Nation host dozens of local clubs throughout the state that you can join. As a state division of Bassmasters Iowa BASS Nation has lead the way for The BASS Nation Championships with several Iowa BASS Nation members advancing to the Bassmasters Classic.  In 2004 Thad Takes made it to the Classic finishing in 23rd place. In Terry Fitzpatrick follow Thad to the Classic and finished in 17th place. Most recently Greg Vance went on the 2016 Bassmasters Classic after winning Iowa BASS Nation State Fall tournament in 2015.  

Join Iowa BASS Nation and fish either the State Tournaments or the Team Trail Tournaments you you could advance to the regional and national tournament levels and possibly advance to the big stage in the Bassmasters Classic.

   Team Trail Flyer            10-K Flyer            Spro Flyer



     Iowa Bass Nation Tournaments



6-7-8 State PDC

17 West Okoboji T-T


7 Brushy Creek T-T

14 Lansing T-T



25 Lansing SPRO

26 Lansing T-T


8 PDC 10-K


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Have Questions call 319-480-1202

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P.O. Box 31

Lowden,IA 52255

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Anglers, we have received lots of questions and health concerns about the May State IBN tournament.


We have been in contact with PDC and have agreed that this tourney will be rescheduled to September 16-18. 


Hope this works with everyone’s schedule. Stay healthy. 


Mike Blaesi IBN 


Anglers, contact Mike Hanarhan 515-371-7596 ref the Okoboji May tourney.

Mike still is planning on this event. Be safe Mike Blaesi IBN


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